Timeline Inventions Card Game

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Timeline Inventions - a card game to test your chronological knowledge 

Timeline Inventions is a fast to pick up and easy to play, family friendly card game where your knowledge of history will be put to the test. 

Players take it in turns to place their cards in a timeline, laying them down either before or after the cards already on the table, based on what they think happened first or last.

Place the card in the correct place on the timeline and you don't have to draw another card. Get rid of all your cards to win!

A nice, portable game that's easy to teach others and take with you wherever you go.

The Timeline Inventions Blister is a great entry to the game series, playable as a stand alone game and compatible to mix together with other timeline blister packs and sets. It brings 109 cards to the table based on famous historical inventions.

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Product info

  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • 2-6 Players 
  • 15 Minutes to Play
  • Includes 109 cards and portable storage tin