The Potion Dice Game

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The Potion 

The Potion is a game of dice and bluffing in which players race to get rid of all of their ingredients into the bottle first and take control of the potion for themselves.

To be the master alchemist you'll need to closely watch your opponents moves, are you deceptive enough?

The Potion is a quick to play and quirky little game. It's got great pieces, is easy to learn and is packaged in a pretty, compact bottle, so it can look great on your shelf in-between plays.

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How to play?

  • At the beginning of each round, a player rolls the dice to determine the ingredients you will be bidding on.

  • Players secretly choose one ingredient from their palm and place it in their other hand. Once all players have made their choice, everyone reveals their ingredient.

  • Compare the type and quantity of the ingredients revealed with the result of the dice roll.

  • Players who meet the winning conditions set by the dice may discard their ingredient and place it into the bottle.

  • Players that did not meet the winning condition keep their ingredient.

  • Dice are passed clockwise to the next player who rolls the dice, and a new round begins.

  • The winner is the player that gets rid of all their ingredients first, taking control of the potion bottle.

Product info

  • 1 x The Potion board game
  • 10 - 20 minute play time
  • Age 8 +
  • 3 - 7 players