Tarantula Spider Anatomy - 3D Anatomical Model

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Tarantula Anatomy Model

This convincing tarantula model will add some scientific, spider-like snaziness to your home decor, whilst providing an engaging educational opportunity.

Accompanied with a display stand and informative instructional booklet, the tarantula anatomy model comes with 33 lifelike removable parts for you to put together and learn more about.

Part of this spider's body is a realistic exterior, while parts have a transparent viewing window for you  to peruse its inner workings.

Interesting, quirky, scientific spidery fun!

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Product info

  •  1 x 3D tarantula spider anatomical model.
  • Display stand.
  • 33 removable parts.
  • Informative guide and instruction manual.
  • Ages 8+.
  • Dimensions: 38 x 8 x 28 cm

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