Star Wars Darth Vader Cable Guy Phone and Controller Holder

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Darth Vader Phone & Controller Holder

There's certain benefits to being on the dark side, for example, this mini Darth Vader will faithfully use his force to hold your phone and controllers.

This classic Darth Vader Star Wars figure will hold your Xbox and PlayStation controllers as well as most types of smartphones.

Standing at around 8 inches tall, he does his job with menacing efficiency and will add some Galactic Empire style to your gaming command station.

This cable guy also comes with an extra long, 2m micro usb charging cable.

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Product info

  • 1 x Disney Star Wars Darth Vader controller and phone holder.
  • Approx 8 inches tall.
  • 2m micro USB cable included.
  • Holds Xbox and PlayStation controllers and most smartphones.
  • Colour: Black.