Smiths of Winterforge Board Game

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Smiths of Winterforge

In the Dwarven city of Winterforge, the forges have fired up once more. The royal centenary contract is up for renewal and only one guild can win it. To do so they must win the favour of the royal family. 

There are many paths to the riches and reputation required for victory. The question is, will you choose the right one?

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How to play?

  • In Smiths of Winterforge, each player controls a guild, competing to earn the money and reputation required to earn the royal centenary contract.
  • Earn money by taking contracts, buying components from the market and using them to craft your contracts in the forge.
  • Not enough money for components? You could always get a loan from the bank. Just be sure to pay it back before the game ends.
  • Struggling to finish a contract by yourself? Head to the Tavern and recruit more crew members to join your guild.
  • The winner will be the Smith whose guild secures the most riches and reputation, and in turn, the royal contract.

Product info

  • 1 x Smiths of Winterforge Board Game
  • 20 - 120 minute play time
  • Age 14 +
  • 1 - 6 players