Ravenclaw Arm Party Harry Potter Charm Bracelet Set

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Ravenclaw Arm Party Bracelet Set

Wishing you had some swish, Ravenclaw style to add to your arm? Here it is!

This Ravenclaw arm party charm bracelet set contains an array of Ravenclaw design bracelets, from the wise eagle to the humble Hogwarts crest.

The perfect arm accessory for the Harry Potter fan that's a part of the clever nest.

Not a Ravenclaw? We also have Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin variants, so that you can make sure your arm is equipped with the appropriate wizarding regalia.

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Product info

  • 1 x Ravenclaw arm party bracelet set
  • Materials: Durable nylon and zinc alloy
  • Colour: Blue, leather brown and silver
  • One size fits most