Orange Ombre Origami T-Rex Dinosaur Mug

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Orange Ombre Origami T-Rex Dinosaur Mug

Are you that person who's a bit of a predator in the morning until you've had a cup of coffee? 

Do you wake up , eyes squinting and stomp around with your arms out in front of you - like you don't know how to use them, until you've had your morning cup of tea?

Or do you just like dinosaurs, or the colour orange and need something to hold your drink?

Then here's the mug for you!

The orange ombre origami T-Rex mug features a stylish orange gradient design on the outside. On the inside (as you sip away) an origami T-Rex will rise up out of the depths to cheer you on as you start your day.

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  • 1 x Orange ombre origami T-Rex dinosaur mug

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