Okanagan Valley of the Lakes Board Game

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Okanagan Valley of the Lakes

The Okanagan Valley in Canada awaits you. Its boundless lakes and fertile meadows are there for any player willing to take advantage.

Okanagan is a tile laying and area influence board game were the aim is to score points by gathering resources and building territory.

Watch the meandering valleys unfold as you race to dominate the rich and beautiful landscape!

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How to play?

  • Players arrange tiles to design the landscape and natural resources
  • Place buildings to exert strength and secure resources 
  • Score points by completing the objectives on you cards

Watch it played

Video by The Dice Tower

Product info

  • 1 x 878: Okanagan Valley of the Lakes board game
  • 45 minute play time
  • Age 10 +
  • 2 - 4 players