Marvel Avengers Captain America & The Hulk Mini Espresso Mug Set

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Captain America & The Hulk Mini-Mug Set

Hulk...smash....Hulk...thirsty....Hulk want coffee!

Many an American has been saved in the morning by a cup of coffee and many times Hulk has gone into a rage if he doesn't get his morning caffeine fix.

To the rescue come these cute, Marvel Avengers mini-mugs. This set comes with two designs - Captain America (black and blue) and the incredible Hulk (black and green), each decorated with the superheroes emblem.

Perfect for your morning espresso...if you can get your big Hulk hands around them before they're gone!

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Product info

  • 1 x Captain America and The Hulk mini-mug set
  • Contains one Captain America and one Hulk mug
  • Volume: 100ml (per mug)