Kozu The Dragon: The Last Namsara Inspired A4/A3 Art Print

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Kozu the Dragon - an original design art print inspired by The Last Namsara   

''Kozu landed with a thud. The earth trembled beneath him. His shadow shot over her, cloaking her in darkness. His scales gleamed and his slitted yellow eye drank her in. Asha’s eyes did the same, fixing on his scar. A mirror image of hers, it ran down his serpentine face, cutting through his eye, marring those inky scales. Two horns twisted out of his head, perfect for goring prey; and on each foot were five talons, sharp as knives. As wide as a courtyard, his wings remained outspread—a show of just how large he was, how easily he could crush her....''

― Kristen Ciccarelli, The Last Namsara  

Happy Piranha's hand drawn, computer animated, original design is printed using high quality archival inks on premium quality 225gsm gloss photo paper. 

The design is inspired by the Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli - a book about badass girls and dragons. If you haven't read it yet -check it out!  

We offer both A3 and A4, framed and unframed version of our prints. 


A4 unframed size 8.27'' x 11.69'' (210 x297mm) 
A3 unframed  size 11.69'' x 16.53'' ( 297 x420mm)


A smooth black finish wooden frame with a stylish 28mm wide moulding arctic white core picture mount. claw fittings ready to hang.

A4 frame size 14''x11'' (355.6 x279.4 mm) aperature

A3 frame size 20'' x 16'' (508mm x406.4mm) aperture 

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