Jane Austen's Matchmaker: Chapter Two Card Game

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Jane Austen's Matchmaker

Match and mingle your favourite Jane Austen characters as you aim to host them in the most enticing of locations.

Jane Austen's matchmaker is a game of just that - matchmaking.- set in the enthralling world of old high society, period dramas, fancy estates and well dressed ladies and gentlemen.

Place your Ladies into Society and propose to other players' Ladies with your Gentlemen. Some proposals lead to love and happiness and some to financial prosperity, but some may be nothing more than just shallow seductions. Whatever happens, you must ensure that your array of dashing characters come out on top by collecting holding the most virtue.

Check out the expansion if you want to add some dastardly revenge to your game.

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Product info

  • 1 x Jane Austen's matchmaker card game.
  • 88 full colour illustrated cards.
  • 54 prestige card tokens.
  • 2 matchmaker dice.
  • 20 - 45 minute play time.
  • 2 - 4 players.
  • Age 14 +