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Homeworlds is a deep abstract strategy game of perfect information, resource management, and galactic war. Can you destroy your opponent's Homeworld before their space fleet reaches yours?

Originally, Homeworlds was played with a full 60 pyramid (“classic icehouse”) game set and could be played with 2–6. The original two players variant rules were called Binary Homeworlds.

This new standalone 2 player edition contains 36 pyramids in 4 colours which each provide specific powers in the game (red for attack, yellow for movement, green for growth, and blue for transformation). Using just 36 pyramids, Homeworlds is actually a 4X conquest game (Expand, Explore, Exploit, Exterminate).

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    Product info

    • 1 x Homeworlds Board Game.
    • 30 - 60 minute play time.
    • Age 8 +.
    • 2 players.

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