Harry Potter Who Is It? Card Game

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Harry Potter Who Is It?

It's time to test that potter head of yours with this Harry Potter themed who is it game.

Players take it in turns to pick a card and, by asking your opponent 'yes' or 'no questions, you'll have to deduce the character that they're holding. Guess wrong and it's avada kedavra for your chances of victory.

The 72 colourful character cards are split into three colour-coded packs and feature kawaii chibi style artwork of the Harry Potter cast. Neatly stored stored in a pretty handy embossed tin, it's a great little game for a muggle on the move.

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Product info

  • 1 x Harry Potter Who Is It? card game
  • 72 full colour character cards.
  • Handy storage tin.
  • Age 6+.
  • 2 players.