Harry Potter Death Eater Dark Arts Playing Cards in a Tin

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Harry Potter Death Eater Playing Cards

The essential set of playing cards to pass time in Azkaban

No amount of training in defence against the dark arts can prepare your opponents for your magical skills at card games with this set of Death Eater playing cards.

This standard set of cards comes in a sleek, black storage tin, embossed with the dark mark so that you can summon your fellow followers of the dark lord to a game of Texas hold'em.

The back of these deviously stylish cards features the dark mark in black and white, while the front of the cards features famous followers of Voldemort in red and black with extra skulls and snakes for good measure.

Not for muggles!


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Product info

  • Harry Potter death eater dark arts playing cards
  • 52 card deck
  • Embossed dark mark storage tin

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