Gold Octopus Candle Stick Holder

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Gold Octopus Candle Stick

[Estimated restock: September - Why not pick up a silver one instead?]

Bring some light to your home and make sure it's not as dark as the deep blue sea with this regal octopus candlestick holder, here to give you a hand by holding up to four candles.

Stylish, handy (literally) and underwater-awesome, this golden guy will add some oceanic glamour to a living space.

He also comes in silver, if that's more your taste.

Perfect decor for adding some seaside style to a room or as a centrepiece for your smugglers den!

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Please note: Due to this product's intricate shape, we are now shipping all packages containing this product via UPS tracked, to ensure they arrive safe and sound.

Product info

  • 1 x Gold  octopus candle stick holder
  • Materials: Resin
  • Size: Approx 14 x 28 x 28cm

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