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Once upon a time the land was at peace and Etherium was an abundant resource.  Recently however, the stock of Etherium has been dwindling, making it become fiercely competed over.

There's only one place this valuable primal resource can now be found - the Godsforge, and an array of elite spellcasters are battling over it.

How to play?

  • In Godsforge play is simultaneous, with each player attacking the player to their left and defending against the player on their right.

  • Each turn, everyone simultaneously rolls four dice and each player places one of four cards face down in front of them.

  • In any order, players reveal their cards, paying their cost via specific numbers rolled on their dice dice, the sum of rolled dice, veilstones, or a combination of the above. Number 1s count as whatever number you wish and unused 6s can be used to purchase a veilstone.

  • Players can cast spells to provide one-shot effects and play creations on the board in front of themselves, which provide an array of effects.

  • When all cards have been resolved, players assess the damage by comparing their attack value against other player's defence values.

  • After the damage phase, players discard any cards that they don't want, then refill their hands to four.

  • When a player is eliminated, players that remain in the game begin taking damage from them each round, bringing about the endgame faster.

The winner is the last player standing and in turn the one who will have access to the most of the precious Etherium!

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Product info

  • 1 x Godsforge board game
  • 20 - 40 minute play time
  • Age 14 +
  • 2 - 4 players