Geisha and Cranes Wall Fan - Inspired by Japan

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Geisha and Cranes Wall Fan 

The wall fan is an immediately recognisable icon of Japanese culture, and one of a small number of ancient Eastern crafts whose origins lie not across the sea in China, but in the island of Japan. During the Edo period the folding fan became popular as a decorative art form.

This pretty folding fan is in the traditional Sensu/Ogi style. Popping off the black background are golden, flying sacred cranes and in the centre, a bright red rising sun behind a Geisha in kimono.

With beautiful, traditional and complimentary colours, this fan exudes Japan. It makes for a perfect bit of wall decoration for someone looking to add some Eastern elegance to a living space. An alternative bit of decor that will add a waft of balance, harmony and finesse in between your usual decorative items.

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Product info

  • 1 x Geisha and cranes wall fan
  • Materials: Bamboo, paper and cloth