Game of Thrones House Stark & Lannister Mini Espresso Mug Set

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Stark & Lannister Mini-Mug Set

After expending all that energy on the battlefield it's time to sit down and re-energise with a nice warm brew. After all,winter is coming and a Lannister always needs his rest.

This Game of Thrones mini coffee mug set features two adorable mugs, perfectly sized for an espresso. If coffee's not your thing they make for dainty sized decorations too.

The red mug features the Lannister's lion crest and the words 'hear me roar' whilst the opposing white mug bears the house Stark's wolf sigil and the text 'winter is coming'.

If Tyrion Lannister taught us anything it's that size doesn't matter and that powerful things can come in small parcels too - like these mugs...and espresso!

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Product info

  • 1 x House Stark vs House Lannister mini mug set
  • Contains one house Stark and one House Lannister espresso sized mug
  • Volume: 100ml (per mug)