Game of Blame Card Game

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Game of Blame

In Game of Blame you'll experience the scheming and skulduggery of life in a Medieval court,

You'll take on the role of the Queen's six royal advisers and attempt to tell her exactly why the realm is on the brink of catastrophe.

You can tell her it's because of the druids, an astral assassin, maybe corrupt officials, treason or the plague? Whatever the reasons, just make sure you accuse your colleagues, bury your secrets and dodge responsibility as the deck runs down and incriminating evidence mounts. 

Successfully avoid the blame and you'll live another day, fall out of favour with her Royal Highness and you'll be headed for the block!

A fast, fun and devious game of finger pointing for 2-4 players.

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How to play?

  • Each turn you can play up to 3 cards to the ‘blame pile’. Each card played must share an emblem with the previous card.

  • In an ideal world, you want to utilise symbols that are not your own role as when it comes to apportioning the blame, the numbers of your cards will be counted vs your opponents.

  • Accusation is achieved by pointing your finger very vehemently at the accused player. Keeping a mental track of what’s been played is imperative as you won't be able to look back through the pile.

  • The player with the most of their own emblem in the blame pile takes the entire blame pile. All the other players may ‘bury’ a secret and discard one card of their own cards out of their hand permanently.

  • The game stops when the draw pile is exhausted. Icons on the remaining cards are totalled and the adviser whose emblem appears most takes the blame!

Product info

  • Game of Blame card game
  • 20 - 30 minute play time
  • Age 9 +
  • 2 - 4 players