Forsaken Forest Board Game

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Forsaken Forest

An ancient evil has awakened in the forsaken forest... and someone among your group has already been corrupted by its powers.

Forsaken Forest is a social deduction, team based horror game, set in a mysterious forest that has been twisted by dark, magical influences.

Players have two goals - to navigate to their team's hidden location, or kill all of the opposing team's members. It's not that simple however, because you begin the game without knowing where you're trying to get to or who is on your team.

Only the forsaken has access to all the information and they'll do everything within your power to make sure you get lost in the nightmarish woods forever.

Successfully gather information, manage your resources and attain the trust of your fellow travellers, and you may just make it out of this evil place.

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Product info

  • 1 x Forsaken Forest board game
  • 20 - 60 minute play time
  • Age 12 +
  • 4 - 12 players
  • Cooperative play