EXIT: The Cursed Labyrinth - Escape Room Board Game

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EXIT: The Cursed Labyrinth

You're lost inside the twisting maze of a cursed Labyrinth - can you uncover the clues and solve the riddles to escape before it's too late?

While on a historic castle tour, your attention is captured by a mysterious looking labyrinth in the centre of the castle's grounds.

Separated from the outside world by its towering walls, you cant help but take a look to see what's hiding inside and sneak away as the guided tour passes around the next corner.

Oddly, the sky darkens as you pass through the aged iron gate, while the wind kicks up a stir. 
Suddenly, with a loud CLANG! The antiquated iron gates slam shut behind you. You try your best to pull against them, but it's locked for good.

If things aren't bad enough, a weathered gargoyle clambers down the gate towards you  does he have something to say? Only by working swiftly - alone or with a team - will you be able to escape before you're lost forever.

How to play

Work solo or as a team of up to 4 players to solve the  puzzles and clues before your time runs out. The Cursed Labyrinth is a fun filled, individual experience in a compact box. Perfect for an hour or two's entertainment with friends.

This intriguing, escape room style game is a 2/5 difficulty rating - fit for players looking for a challenge. 

Please note: The game can be played one time only as you must mark, fold, and tear the game materials to solve the mystery of the cemetery!

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Product info

  • 1 x EXIT: The Cursed Labyrinth Board Game
  • Difficult: 2/5
  • 60 - 120 minute play time
  • Age 10 +
  • 1 - 4 players
  • One play/use 
  • Cooperative play