Etteilla Tarot - Collectors Edition

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Etteilla Tarot

A reproduction of Grimaud's historic 1890 edition deck of tarot cards, this limited run collectors edition also contains an accompanying instructional book akin to the French original.

These beautiful reproductions of an original XIX century Etteilla 78 card deck will help sir up ancient wisdom.

Housed in a beautiful side-opening storage box with velvet accents on the outside, this set makes for a special starter deck as well as a fine piece to add to your Tarot collection.

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Product info

  • 1 x Etteilla Tarot - Collectors Edition. 
  • 78 high quality cards.
  • Instructional guide.
  • Lo Scarabeo production.
  • Cards Dimensions: Aprrox' 6.6 x 12 cm.