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Dungeon Traps Terrain Crate

Now we all know that dungeons go hand in hand with a few malevolent traps or two, so you'll need to make sure your dungeon is kitted out correctly.

The Dungeon Traps Terrain Crate comes with all the essential any Dungeon Master will need to ruin an adventurers day; from bear traps to trap doors and good old spikes.

This set comes with seven pieces of pre-coloured brown, plastic terrain, ready to enhance your tabletop or paint if you so desire.

Perfect for adding some deadly depth to you Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or other RPG experience!

You might want to place them on our dry wipe-able pathfinder flip mats to add some extra scenery!

Product info

  • 1 x Dungeon Traps Terrain Crate, containing:
  • 1 x Lever
  • 1 x Ladder
  • 1 x Trap door
  • 1 x Blades trap
  • 1 x Spikes trap
  • 1 x Poison trap
  • 1 x Bear trap

This product is pre-assembled and unpainted. Miniatures not included.