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Dragon's Hoard Terrain Crate

Every classic tabletop dungeon has a dragon in it somewhere and every self-respecting dragon needs it's personal hoard. Well here it is.

The Dragon's Hoard Terrain Crate comes with five pre-coloured, gold plastic bits of scenery, perfect to add a glimmer of realism to any dungeon. It will also ensure that your adventurers have something to loot.

You can use them right out of the box to enhance your Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or RPG experience, or paint them up to add some extra sparkle!

You might want to place them on our dry wipe-able pathfinder flip mats to add some extra scenery!

Product info

  • 1x Dragon's Hoard Terrain Crate, containing:
  • 2 x Different large, gold treasure piles
  • 2 x Different small, gold treasure piles
  • 1 x Gold goblet/plate

This product is pre-assembled and unpainted. Miniatures not included.