Dedication: A Scented Candle inspired by House Hufflepuff from Harry Potter

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Dedication - a scented candle inspired by house Hufflepuff - a herbaceous lime, basil and mandarin aroma.

Happy Piranha's Dedication scented candle is a down to earth, fresh scent for those of noble virtue.

The dedicated, friendly, loyal and honest are those that reside in house Hufflepuff. Virtues that are not easily upheld by everyone. They'll always be there when you need them.

Our devotedly crafted scented candle modestly plumes fresh lime, mandarin and basil scents that will implant images of house Hufflepuff's abode in the Hogwarts Greenhouses.

Happy Piranha's candles are diligently poured by hand, in our mystical candlemaking grove, tucked away on the Cornish Coast.

Be true to yourself. Don't worry what others think. Buy this one!

This generous sized  candle has an average burn time of 35 hours. With a snug lid to keep it fresh for every use.


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Scent Lime, mandarin & basil
Notes Fresh, herbaceous & zesty
Wax Color Black

Product info:

  • 1x Dedication scented candle.
  • Hand made candle, hand drawn design.
  • 62mm high & 78mm diameter.
  • Fresh lime, mandarin & basil scent.
  • 35 hour average burn time.
  • A snug lid to keep fresh for further use.