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Beer Socks - keep your feet warm while having a brew 

Beer, one of the worlds favourite beverages. Socks, one of the worlds favourite forms of clothing. Beer socks, what more could you want?

Having cold feet certainly takes away from enjoying a nice Ale. These Ale Beer Socks are designed to look like a crisp pint of ale is bubbling its way up your legs, while keeping your stompers warm.

Packaged in cleverly designed beer can packaging (everything has more cool points when stored in a tinny), they make a great gift for beer lovers, sock lovers, beer loving sock lovers, sock loving beer lovers or someone with cold feet.

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Product info

  • 1 x Ale (orange) mid calf fit beer socks
  • Size: UK 7-11 / US 8-12 / EUR 41-45
  • Awesome beer can packaging