Antique Book Design Storage Boxes: Playing Cards

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Book Storage Boxes: Playing Cards

Looking for somewhere sneaky to store your magical trinkets?

These book shaped storage boxes feature classic playing card designs on the outside and have a hollowed centre, perfect for storing your special bits and bobs.

Stack them up for a fun, decorative piece in any room or keep them in a bookshelf to help hide away your shiny things.

This set comes with one large (King of Diamonds), one medium (Queen of Clubs), one small (Jack of Hearts) and one extra small (Aces of Spades) box.

A quirky gift for someone who  loves books, cards and keeping their special things stowed away neatly.

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Product info

  • 1x Set of 4 book design storage boxes (playing cards)
  • Large: King of Diamonds H36xD28xD9cm
  • Medium: Queen of Clubs H29xW21xD7cm
  • Small: Jack of Hearts H24xW16xD6cm
  • Extra Small: Ace of Spades H17xW11xD4cm