Alice in Wonderland - White Rabbit Disney Action Figure

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White Rabbit Figurine

While on his way to a very important date, the White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has stopped by in figurine form!

Part of the super figurine collection, this detailed 12cm action figure shows the infamous and always rushing White Rabbit in all his glory.

Wearing a red Heart top and bespectacled with a ruffled collar, the White Rabbit sits upon a grassy base with a gold pocket watch background and the text 'I'm late, I'm late' on the front.

The perfect display piece for the Disney or Alice in Wonderland fan who is always leaving things until the last minute!

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Product info 

  • 1 x  Alice in Wonderland - White Rabbit Disney Action Figure
  • #26 from the officially licensed Super Figure Collection range.
  • Colourful box with detailed window.
  • Materials: PVC.
  • Colours: White, red, green, yellow, turquoise and black.
  • Height: Approximately 12 cm tall.