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Age of Towers: A Tower Defence Board Game

Age of Towers: A Tower Defence Board Game

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Age of Towers Board Game

Did you every play those tower defence games on the phone? It's time to bring it to the tabletop with Age of Towers.

Work solo, or compete against others to defend your cities from the waves of incoming monsters by bolstering your defences, building traps and re-directing the baddies towards your opponents city instead!

There's something very satisfying about building up defences to protect your city and the suspense as the evil enemies draw near!

With lovely pieces and the ability to both play solo or up to four players, this makes for a great game to fit into any players collection.  

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How to play?

  • Turns consist of  three phases: night, dawn, and day.
  • At night an event card is played and the monsters move down your path.
  • At dawn, your towers can attack monsters.
  • At daytime, players choose two actions from the four available (draw cards, build a tower, extend your path or go to the market)
  • When a monster reaches your city, you lose guards equal to its value. 
  • When a player successfully kills the boss monster, the game ends. 
  • Players add up points for their remaining guards, damage to the boss and achievements completed from the achievement deck.

Watch it played

Video by The Game Pit

Product info

  • 1 x Age of Towers board game
  • 45 - 75 minute play time
  • Age 8 +
  • 1 - 4 players
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