Adventure Time BMO Beemo Fingerless Gloves

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Adventure Time BMO Beemo Fingerless Gloves

As well as being Jake and Finn's game console, electrical outlet, computer, music player, video editor, roommate, camera, alarm clock, toaster, flashlight, tape player, chef, detective, and friend, BMO is now a trusty pair of gloves too!

These colourful, turquoise fingerless gloves are perfect for taking on your adventures with you, while making sure your fingers are free to access your Gameboy, sword, phone or whatever.

Featuring Beemo's face on the outside, they'll always be there to give you a reassuring hand smile whenever you wear them.

A great little gift for a fan of Adventure Time who likes to get outside and explore, or who gets cold hands a lot.

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Product info

  • 1 x Pair of Adventure Time BMO fingerless gloves
  • Colour: Turquoise