Take Photos for Happy Piranha

Photographic brief 

Happy Piranha is looking for new, creative photography to showcase our loot and we thought; who takes better pictures than our friends online? Everyday we’re amazed by your talent. We’d like to make use of it and reward you for your efforts!
We’re looking for great in-situ photographs to use to accompany our product photos and promotional materials. Shots that showcase what Happy Piranha is about show off our products in the best possible light, in the settings they’re enjoyed in most.

What we’re looking for in your photos

We’re looking for in-situ photos to accompany our current photos on our online sales platforms and for use in promotional material. We don’t want plain background catalogue photos. We want clear, creative product shots that showcase our items as the focus in engaging settings (think images that follow the first standardised cover image). Here are some things to consider.


We want consistency in the style of your shots. This includes similar lighting and colours that show a slight theme or coherence, looking like they belong together. Whatever your style, that’s up to you, but your photos must sit well together and look like they were taken as part of the same shoot. This may be a cosy mood and minimalist theme or a bright and vibrant setting - the option is yours, but all your photos must sit well together.


Your creativity is key. While we want consistency in application, we want you to be creative and use your own unique styles. We want engaging pictures of our products in interesting settings, that catch people’s eye.

In-situ shots, relevant to the product, using interesting props or following a theme are more likely to appeal to us. You can use editing/effects to enhance photos if you wish, though it’s not essential. We’re happy for people and pets to appear in your photos, so long as you have consent.  Get creative and show our products from a variety of angles showing various features, lid design, wax colour, banner art etc.


We need photos of a high enough quality for both online display and print. 300dpi or above is preferable. The product and text should be clear and sharp. The primary product must be the focal point of the image, with consistent lighting.

Some examples of shots types

Ultimately we want you to use your own creative style, so feel free to do so. That said, the product must clearly be the central feature and include an image where the text is clear. Here’s some suggestions of angles to include.

  • A front facing shot with the candle lid on. Clear text and the product as the focus. You can still have an interesting background, it should still fit with your style and theme.
  • A shot with the candle lid off and the wax showing. You could have the lid showing to the side of the candle or somewhere else in the frame.
  • A feature shot. This may be a shot showing off any particular features on interesting bits of design of the product.
  • Contextual shots. Some creative shots with the product set in context of how it could be used. This could for example be a picture of the candle alight in a room, or on a book shelf with other items* as it would be in the home or, if you’re feeling bold, being used by yourself or a friend.

    *Note, the product should still be the focus of the image – don’t get too busy and distracting or go overboard with props. Don’t surround the product with lots of other branded items that could be confused as part of the deal. A few items that add to the context and theme are fine though.

Some example shots

Example product shots for Happy Piranhas photographic brief.

Photo’s courtesy of @novelheartbeat @hannahreadstomuch @lunireads @incaseofbookishness @redpandaboooks @pagesforeva @aweasleyinmiddleearth @starlitlibrary @fearyourex

How to enter

  • You can email your entries to josh@happypiranha.com
  • Entries should contain a minimum of 5 photos per product pictured
  • You can enter as many sets of 5 photos as you like (different products or themes etc)
  • Please state in the email that you are entering our photography brief
  • If selected we’ll get in touch

What are the rewards?

We may update the rewards page depending on how our brief is going so take a look what’s up for grabs when you enter. The rewards received will be what is listed here at the time of entry unless otherwise agreed. Rewards will be based on the number of entries/photographs used. Once an entry has been rewarded it won’t qualify for reward again if it contains pictures that have been submitted more than once. If you claim your rewards alongside an order you have placed you may qualify to get a partial postage discount on the order you placed.

  • 1-2 photos used – 200 bite coins (see our rewards scheme)
  • 3-5 photos used - A free candle!
  • 6-12 photos used – 2 free candles!
  • 13+ photos used – 3 free candles!

Sharing is caring

Whether you end up being chosen or not, be sure to share your pictures with us on social media and we'll share them too, to make sure the world can give you the credit you deserve!

Terms & conditions

By participating in/ submitting imagery for the Happy Piranha photographic brief you are acknowledging acceptance of the terms and conditions found on our website happypirana.com. You are agreeing that any and all imagery submitted can be used on any of Happy Piranha’s sales platforms, websites social media channels and printed materials. The owner of any photography will be informed of its use and be credited on our website happypiranha.com as part of our ‘featured photographer’s’ page as long as the imagery is in use. Images will not be watermarked on any of our outlets or printed publications for visual purposes but will be credited at the end of item descriptions on online sales channels or social media posts.


How long is this brief open for?
Indefinitely – participants are free to enter whenever they like.

How many times can I enter?
As many times as you like.

Can I enter pictures for multiple different products
Yes, the more the merrier! Though we do ask for a minimum of 5 shots per product.

When will I hear back from my application?
You will only hear back from your application if it gets selected. Unfortunately due to time constraints we aren’t able to offer any feedback on applications that aren’t selected. If you are to be selected we will try and get back to you within a month of receiving the application.

What quality do my photos need to be in?
The higher quality the better! Ideally we are looking for high resolution jpegs of at least 300dpi for print purposes and on screen display. If we like your application we’ll ask for the high resolution files to test their quality before finalising.

Can I repost or use pictures that I have submitted myself?
Yep! You’re free to re-use your photos anywhere else as many times as you like.

How do I know if my application has been received?
If your application has been received you will be sent a notification email. Please allow a minimum of a week for this.