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Here you can find out a bit more about our featured photographers - customers who've been successful in entering Happy Piranha's photographic brief. They take awesome photos, you should definitely check them out!


What can we say about Jaci. Well, going by her Instagram name -@aweasleyinmiddleearth - you should get a bit of an idea of some of some of her favourite things.

Aside from taking awesome photos such as this one, you can expect to find Jaci's impressive cosplay on her Instagram as well as some of her Photoshop and horse riding skills.

You'll always know an Instagram by @aweasleyinmiddleearth if you see one - a mix of warming backgrounds and cosy colours, rearing horses, Slytherins, Sith Lords and attractive photography with a sprinkle of magic every time. 


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Kamila aka @kamilareads on Instagram takes bright, colourful pictures for her bookstagram with the occasional picture of her baby girl enjoying a good book too!

If you like books, boardgames and bookish merch you should definitely give her a follow.

We think her style lends itself well to the pictures she has taken of our Futterwacken and Upelkuchen scented candle, which is exactly why shes on our featured photographers page!

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Happy Piranhas Futterwacken and Upelkuchen scented candle.


Joanne aka @incaseofbookishness has been a Happy Piranha for as long as we can remember!

You'll notice Joanne on Bookstagram for her bright shots packed with colour, bookish merch and other pretty things.

If you like book reviews too, Joanne also has a blog: incaseofbookishness.wordpress.com - check it out!

Judging by her photos, @incaseofbookishness's house must be a wonderland of colourful bookish loot. That's what we like to imagine at least!

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Iskari blood and moonlight scented candle.


Larissa aka @reading_into_worlds on Instagram is an avid bookstagrammer from Germany.

You'll be able to spot Larissa on bookstagram by her shots peppered with beautiful outdoor/woodland settings and her awesome wooden laddered bookshelf!

We'd be out taking photographs all the time if we had an enchanted forest like that near us. It definitely adds a sense of magic to her photos.

Larissa also has a bookish blog at readingintoworlds.wordpress.com 

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Polyjuice Potion scented candle in a hand.