Bite Coins | Earn Rewards for being a Happy Piranha

Every time you support us by buying from our online store, it not only makes us a very Happy Piranha, it also helps us to carry on doing what we're doing.

We'd like to thank everyone that shops with us and to give a little back, with Happy Piranha's Bite Coins.

Happy Piranha Bite Coin

What's a Bite Coin?

A Bite Coin is our own form of customer loyalty points. If you sign up to our store, buy products, refer a friend or perform other certain actions, you'll earn Bite Coins. Bite coins can be redeemed for online discounts and, in the not too distant future, exclusive Happy Piranha products, only available with Bite Coins

How do I earn Bite Coins?

There's a few ways you can earn bite coins, from supporting us by buying from our store, to referring a friend and following us on social media. You'll also get some on your birthday and for signing up, because you're awesome.

Here's a breakdown of how to earn bite coins* (BC):

  • Register your Bite Coin account - 200 BC
  • Make a purchase at - 10 BC x every £1 spent
  • Leave a product review - 15 BC
  • Follow us on Instagram* - 25 BC
  • Follow us on Instagram* - 25 BC
  • Follow us on Twitter* - 25 BC
  • Refer a friend who makes a purchase - 50 BC
  • Celebrate your birthday - 50 BC
  • Share our store on Twitter* - 15 BC
  • Share our store on Facebook* - 15 BC

What can I exchange my Bite Coins for?

You can exchange your Bite Coins for discount vouchers at our store ( You can spend them as soon as you reach enough for a reward, or save them up for bigger discounts.

Here's the rewards so far:

  • 750 BC - £5 off coupon code
  • 1450 BC - £10 off coupon code
  • 3600 BC - £25 off coupon code
  • Exclusive Bite Coin products (coming soon)

How do I sign up to start earning Bite Coins?

You can set up your Bite Coin account by clicking the blue 'Earn Bite Coins' button that will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen when visiting our store.

Earn Bite Coins button

Your Bite Coins page

Once you've signed up and verified the email for your Bite Coins account, you can access your Bite Coins page from the same blue button. Here you can:

  • View your points
  • Find your referral link
  • Spend your points
  • View ways of earning more points
  • Find the Bite Coin earning social media share and follow buttons
Bite Coins welcome screen

Earn Bite coins from social media

To earn Bite Coins from social media follows and shares, click the 'Earn more Bite Coins' button. Here you'll find a list of all the ways you can earn Bite Coins as well as buttons to follow us on social media and share our store. Using these buttons will earn you Bite Coins.

Bite coins social share screen

How long does it take for my Bite Coins to appear?

It may take a few minutes for your Bite Coins to register. If you've performed a Bite Coin worthy action and haven't received your Bite Coins after 2 days, let us know and we'll investigate for you. To help us recover any Bite Coins you think you should have received, please try to provide us with as much evidence as possible.

Terms and conditions

* To register points for any of these actions you will have to of signed up to and registered your personal Bite Coin account. Sharing, following and sending referrals to friends is done so through your personal Bite Coin page. Normal social media shares, likes and follows cannot be tracked or registered.

We reserve the rights to turn off any of these methods of Bite Coin earning for customers that try to manipulate, misuse or abuse any of these earning methods. A decision on such is made solely by Happy Piranha and at our own discretion. We reserve the right to revoke Bite Coins accrued by means gained outside of our Terms and Conditions.

Bite Coins may only be redeemed online at and not through any of our other sales platforms.