Pokeball Coaster Set: Inspired by Poke'mon Go

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Pokeball Coaster Set - 4 coasters Inspired by Poke'mon Go

Catch all the stains and drips with Happy Piranha's Pokeball Coaster 4 set

Isn't it annoying when you find that rare pokemon and your all out of pokeballs!?

You'll never have to worry about being caught out on a coffee break again with this set of 4 pokeball coasters.

These high quality, heat pressed and cork backed coasters offer  a quality feel and anti slip solution worthy of a pokemon masters beverage.

The set includes 4 different designs featuring an original pokeball, great ball, master ball and ultra ball, so that you're ready for any level!

A must have for any fans table top.

You can also throw them around and pretend you're catching pokemon if you wish, but we don't take any responsibility for what may occur as a result.

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Product info

  • 4x  Pokeball Coasters
  • Poke'ball, Great ball, Ultra ball and Master ball
  • Heat pressed
  • Cork backed
  • Anti slip design

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