Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deck Building Game

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle - a magical, cooperative deck building game

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, witches and wizards work together to defend Hogwarts from the forces of evil.

Take on the roles of Harry, Ron Hermione and Neville to consolidate the schools defences.

Players must gain influence to add cards to their personal decks. Cards come in the form of iconic spells, characters and magical items from the Harry Potter books. These cards will let you take actions, regain health, cast spells and stop the evil from gaining power.

The game comes with seven different scenarios of increasing difficulty where you'll battle villains, unlock new abilities and face new challenges.

Only by working together will you defeat the dark arts and stop Hogwarts from being overrun!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle is a fun, family friendly cooperative deck building game that makes great use of a theme we all know and love.

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  • 1 x Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle game
  • Suitable for ages 11+
  • 2-4 Players 
  • 30-60 Minutes to Play