Dungeons and Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard

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Dungeons and Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard - a  fast paced spell slinging fight for treasure

Well done adventurers, the dragon is dead. Now it's just a matter of sharing out the loot. The question is, who gets the biggest share?

In Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard, players take the role of wizards, fighting to claim the most gold from the dragon's hoard. There's only one way to decide, a spell battle.

All players choose a spell from an assortment of well-known D&D spells. To cast the spell you'll need to make the hand gesture pictured on the card, while pointing at another player you want to cast it on. All players then cast their simultaneously. Spells can move players closer to, or further away from the loot, as well as affect the game in other ways too.

The first player to retrieve 25 gold pieces wins!

Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard is a fast paced game with lots of opportunity for rivalry, funny feuds and second-guessing.

You don't need to be a D&D fan to enjoy it to the full, however if you are, there's the added fun of shouting your favourite spells at your questies - with added hand gestures of course!

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  • Suitable for ages 14+
  • 3-6 Players 
  • 30 Minutes to Play