Lon Lon Ranch Coaster: Inspired by the Legend of Zelda

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Lon Lon Ranch Coaster - Inspired by the Legend of Zelda

Happy Piranha's Lon Lon Ranch coaster is the ideal anti slip solution for Zelda fans and cow lovers!

''The finest milk in all of Hyrule!''

This high quality, heat pressed and cork backed coaster offers  a quality feel and anti slip solution to keep a Hyrulian's milk safe.

These cute Lon Lon Ranch coasters are handmade in Cornwall by Happy Piranha and are an ideal addition to a Zelda fans tabletop.

The great thing is that it doesn't matter what you have in your mug, its keeps the mug off the table all the same! They're also a talking point for your fellow zelda fan friends...and simply cute!

The coaster is available in both blue and pink. 

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Product info

  • 1x Lon lon ranch coaster
  • Choice of blue or pink.
  • Heat pressed
  • Cork backed
  • Anti slip design.