Kharnage Hell Yearghh Board Game (Core Box)

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Kharnage Core Box

Kharnage is a fun, fast paced fighting game in a med-fan world. Play as a warchief leading the mighty humans, the strong (and alcoholic) dwarves, the rambling horde of goblins or the ferocious orcs.

The aim is to take control of the hill. Yes it may not seem so strategically essential, or that awe inspiring and beautiful... it's just a hill. It's a nice hill though and you want to be king of it.

To do so, you''' need to defeat the armies of your opponents by causing as much mayhem and bloodshed as you can!

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How to play

  • Each turn players pick one battle card.
  • The player with the lowest initiative value begins and:
  • Deploys new units and applies skills if needed, or
  • Attacks one opponent with all points, or two opponents by dividing their points.
  • After all players have taken their turn, the player who destroyed the largest number of units wins 5 domination points, the second 3 domination points, and the third 1 domination point.
  • Each time a player totally destroys an opponent, they must yell "KHARNAGE!", loud and clear, and stomp the table and take a Kharnage token worth 1 domination point. The other players must cheer them on by yelling "YEAH!"; if not, they lose a Kharnage token .
  • After four rounds, the warchief with the most domination points wins!

Product info

  • 1 x Kharnage Hell Yearghh Board Game (core box)
  • 2 - 4 players
  • 20 - 30 min play time
  • Ages 7+