Assault of the Giants Standard Edition D&D Board Game

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Dungeons & Dragons Assault of the Giants

Based on the Dungeons & Dragons adventure the Storm King's Thunder, in Assault of the giants players command their own army of giants to wage war across Faerûn.

Ravage the lands of the small folk and battle against other giants to become the mightiest giant kingdom and complete your teams goal!

This standard edition of Assault of the Giants includes 12 (unpainted) detailed giant miniatures, measuring from approximately 60mm to over 90mm in height, and three Giantslayers as well as an array of cards, tokens and  a colourful folding board.

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How to play

  • Each player is a different giant race (hill, stone, frost, fire, cloud giants or storm giants), each with a different goal. The Storm Giants seek to restore their lost monarch, King Hekaton. The Hill Giants seek an abundance of food to feed their glutenous monarch, Chief Guh and so on.
  • Players command their giants to recruit, move, attack, pillage (and more) via their command cards.
  • Score points and resources by squashing cities and villages of small folk, completing your giant race agendas and attacking other giants.

Product info

  • 1 x Assault of the Giant board game - standard edition
  • 3 - 6 players
  • 60 - 150 min play time
  • Ages 14+