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Happy Piranha worked with our friends at The Bookish Prophet Box to create five scented candles for two fantasy fandom bookish boxes.

Happy Piranha love creating designs inspired by fandoms and this collaboration with The Bookish Prophet Box let us create scented candles for two of our favourites - Harry Potter and Percy Jackson!

Camp Halfblood - Percy Jackson Inspired scented candle by Happy Piranha

Candle 1: Camp Halfblood

The first scented candle Happy Piranha created for The Bookish Prophet was inspired by Percy Jackson.

The Camp Halfblood, Delphi Strawberry Service candle is a fresh strawberry fields scent with bright red wax.

The original, hand drawn designs are based on locations from the Percy Jackson books with a  Greek, mythological inspired lid to match.

The satyrs didn't help us make this one and if you want to know the true location of Camp Halfblood... we can't tell you.

The Hogwarts Houses inspired scented candles by Happy Piranha

Candles 2-5: The Hogwarts Houses

The second set of candles that Happy Piranha worked on for The Bookish Prophet box were the Hogwarts Houses!

Customers chose a box customised for each great wizarding house and we created a special candle for each.

These custom designs were based on the houses common rooms and colours, their sigil animals and famous mottos with bright waxes to match the heraldry.

The lids included a detailed, hexagonal patterned design to match the labels, with wording inspired by the sorting hat itself.

Which one would the sorting hat assign to you?

Gryffindor: The common rooms - Warm scents of cocoa, log fires and cinnamon swirl.

Under the lake - Leather cream and sea breeze scents.

The tower -  A fresh and airy cucumber, coconut leaf and jasmine green tea breeze.

The herbology house - a herbaceous, fresh lime, mandarin and basil aroma.

The Bookish Prophet Percy Jackson Box featuring Happy Piranha

The Boxes

The Bookish Prophet box is a Germany based, monthly bookish subscription box.

These candles were split across two different Bookish Prophet Boxes, the first being a myth and legend themed one  for July and the second, a special edition, sorting hat box - in which customers received a box with items specific to their requested house!

There were many cool items across the two boxes including specially designed mugs, prints and tea. We especially enjoyed the different Harry Potter character bookmarks in the sorting hat box!

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Gryffindor sorting hat bookish prophet box featuring Happy Piranha

Interested in Working With Us?

If you're interested in working with us please do get in touch

We are more than open to creating custom designs for large enough orders, or if we can feature them in our store at a later date. 

We enjoy the challenge of new designs and are always keen to know the plans of subscription boxes and other services to see if we can work together to make your product extra special for your fans and customers.

You can also email for design enquiries.

 Image by @sandstrahl

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