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The Bookie Box

Happy Piranha worked with our friends at The Bookie Box to create a scented candle inspired by the mother of dragons herself. 

We had a great time designing this candle for Julie at The Bookie Box for her February bookish subscription box with the theme of 'Kingdoms and Dark Secrets'.

Happy Piranha's Unburnt scented candle inspired by Khaleesi.
The Candle

For this box we decided to fulfill a design idea we'd been wanting to do for ages, one inspired by our favourite dragon queen.

The Unburnt, Queen of the Candles, Make of Flames is a defiant Oud wood, sweet myrrh, plum and clove scent, with flaming orange wax and red and gold glittery embers.

The Label features a tower of swords, flying dragons and snapping chains, backed by  blue dragon scales. The lid reads 'Fire & Wax' with a chain, dragon scale and burning rune design.

She's the Queen of the Candles and no one questions her rule.

February The Bookie Box unboxing with Happy Piranha's scented candle.
(pic by @TheBookieBox)

The Box

The Bookie Box is a monthly bookish subscription box run by Julia from her base in America. She also has a booktube channel, check it out!

Included in the box was:

  • The Unburnt Queen of the Candles, candle, by Happy Piranha
  • The Book -The Traitor Prince with signed book plate by C J Redwine
  • A Maven Candle by That Bookie Candles
  • Exclusive Queen Kelsea Soap
  • The Savior’s Champion bookmark by That Bookie Bookmarks
  • A George R. R. Martin quote bumper sticker
  • A Court of Dreams coffee mug

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