The Book Fairy Box

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The Book Fairy Box

We helped the Book Fairy Team provide some added magic to their subscription box.

If you don't know who The Book Fairies are, they're magical individuals across the globe who leave books in public places for fortunate individuals to find and read.

They also have a subscription box, packed with books and bookish goodies. We helped them out by making an exclusive Book Fairy twist on one of our favourite candles.

The Candle

The Book Fairy Box

The Book Fairy Dust Candle is a limited edition tweak on our popular Fairy Dust scented candle and was exclusive to the Book Fairy Box.

Its heather, honeysuckle and jasmine scent invokes thoughts of magical woodlands and enchanted glades and provides a relaxing atmosphere for settling down with next bookish adventure.

The Box

Contents of the Book Fairy Box

Each Book Fairy box is crammed with goodies. This box included:

  • The Book - Vox by Christina Dalcher
  • The Mini Book of Mindfulness
  • A Random second hand book
  • Tea & Chocolate
  • A Book Fairy bracelet
  • A Book Fairy Survival Kit
  • A bookmark
  • A postcard
  • An 'I believe in Book Fairies' engraved wooden heart
  • A mini soap
  • A letter from the creator
  • Book Faries cards/stickers so that you can be a Book Fairy yourself!

Want to work with us?

At Happy Piranha we love collaborating with other creative businesses looking to bring something unique to their customers. If you think you'd like to work with us, get in touch!

We can create custom designs for large enough orders, or if we're able to feature them in our store further down the line. As seen here, we can also make limited edition twists on our original designs, so that you can bring something special to your customers.

We love to work with others to celebrate the things we enjoy. Let us know your plans and we'll strive to make your product stand out form the shoal.

You can also email for design inquiries.

Pictures by mnm.books and bookfairies_newfoundland.

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