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Bookishland, Subscription Boxes -

Bookishland Box Happy Piranha Worked with our Friends at Bookishland Box to Create a Custom Candle in Several Scents for Their Circus Themed Subscription Box. At Happy Piranha we love working with subscription boxes as it gives us a challenge to design to a theme and Bookishland Box let us go wild on the scents! Our Candle The theme for the July Bookishland box was the circus, inspired by books such as the Night Circus and Caraval. We were inspired by the high flying acrobatics acts and circus tent colours in this design that bring back memories of popcorn and dazzling entertainment! The hypnotic...

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Subscription Boxes, Whimsify Box -

Whimsify Box We Really Enjoyed Working with our Friends at Whimsify Box to Create a Custom Scented Candle for their May Bookish Subscription Box. This was our second custom scented candle loot box collaboration and another great opportunity for us to design a bookish candle based on an awesome book - Thanks Whimsify!  Our Candle We designed a custom Wing Leader scented candle inspired by the Throne of Glass book series by Sarah J Mass. This custom candle featured our interpretation of Manon Blackbeak, a character from the series - a former heir to the Blackbeak clan and Crochan Queen! We included...

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Fairy Loot, Subscription Boxes -

Fairy Loot  We had great fun working with our friends at Fairy Loot to create a custom candle, exclusive to their February Fairy Loot Box. This was our first loot box collaboration and an awesome opportunity for us to dive in to the bookish crowd on Instagram - thanks Fairy Loot! Our Candle We designed a Khalusian Sunset candle - based on the book Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza and named by the author herself!This custom candle featured a colourful planetary, scifi themed outer label and intricate constellation patterned lid and was only available to those lucky...

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