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Being a small, independent business, it feels almost absurd how often we catch people trying to steal from their local store.

Rather than throwing ourselves into the sea of despair, or spending too long pondering why we even bother trying to make a living, we thought the least we could get out these thieving reprobates was some content.

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News (if you can actually call it that) of NASA discovering a thirteenth zodiac star sign has been spreading like wildfire on social media, as has the panic that people’s zodiac signs may have shifted. Don’t panic, here’s what’s really happened. In short, it’s the same as it’s always been.

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The depiction of a serpent or dragon consuming its own tail is an old one. A symbol of the cyclical nature of things - and linked to the end of the world and immortality - it's woven its way through time and across cultures for over a millennia. Origins and influences Originating in ancient Egyptian iconography, the Ouroboros first seems to appear in the Enigmatic Book of the Netherworld, found in the ancient tomb of Tutankhamun. The symbol persisted into Roman times, often appearing on magical talismans. The World Serpent is thought to have found its way into Western culture through...

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If you’re delving into the world of divination, two things you’ve likely heard of are Tarot and Oracle Cards. Both are decks of cards with images on, both can be used for readings, but how are they used and what’s the difference? Here’s a quick rundown.

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This Black Friday, we're giving away free gifts to customers that spend a certain amount from now until 6th December. Find out how to claim them here.

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