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The Star Wars Guests Going to London Film & Comic Con 2018 | Happy Piranha

If you're a Star Wars fan there's a whole lot of reasons that you might want to be going to London Film and Comic Con 2018 - from ewoks, to robots, to puppets and pilots and even the Sith Lord himself. Here's a rundown of the guests attending so far.

Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca)

Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca in Star Wars.

Peter Mayhew is the man behind one of Star Wars most iconic characters – Chewbacca. Mayhew appeared as Chewbacca in the original Star Wars Trilogy, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

  • Peter is attending on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 27-29th July.

Jimmy Vee (R2D2)

Jimmy Vee who played R2D2 in Star Wars

Jimmy Vee is a stunt actor who’s played a variety of roles including the much loved robot R2D2 in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and a menagerie of monsters in the Doctor who series including Moxx of Balhoon, Bannakaffalatta, Graske and Skovox Bliter – quite a mouthful!

  • Jimmy is attending on Saturday and Sunday 28-29th July.

Daniel Naprous (Darth Vader)

Daniel Naprous who played Darth Vader in Rogue One.

Daniel Naprous played the notorious Darth Vader in Rogue One along with Spencer Wilding. Daniel also appears in Game of Thrones, where he plays Oznak Zo Pahl, a champion of Meereen and appears in the Game of Thrones episode '‘Breaker of Chains’’.

Daniel has a multitude of stuntman credits under his belt including films such as Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Kingsmen and Children of Men.

  • Daniel is attending on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 27-29th July.

Jeremy Bullock (Boba Fett)

Jeremy Bullock who played Boba Fett in Star Wars.

Jeremy Bulloch played the bounty hunter Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy. He also played an imperial officer (Lieutenant Sheckil) in The Empire Strikes Back and appeared as Boba Fett in the fan film mocumentary Return of the Ewok.

Among other roles, Jeremy has also played Tor in Doctor Who: The Space Museum, appeared in three James Bond films including twice as Smithers, Q‘s assistant and played Edward of Wickham in Robin of Sherwood.

  • Jimmy is attending on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 27-29th July.

Kevin Thompson (Ewoks)

Kevin Thompson an Ewok from Star Wars.

Kevin Thompson portrayed an Ewok (or several Ewoks more accurately), performing stunts in all three original Star Wars films and as Chukha-Trok in Ewok Adventure. Kevin also appeared as an Ewok in the Rose Parade with George Lucas.

Among other roles, Kevin has appeared in Blade Runner, Malcolm in the Middle, Dexter, Looney Tunes Back in Action, Jackass 3D and Mirror Mirror.

  • Kevin is attending on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 27-29th July.

Richard Glover (Red Twelve)

Richard Glover played Red Twelve in Star Wars.

Richard Glover played Red Twelve in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In the Battle of Scarif, Red Twelve guided other pilots safely through a perilous maze.

In recent roles, Richard has featured in Into the Woods, The Casual Vacancy, Sightseers and BBC’s Gunpowder.

  • Richard is attending on Sunday 29th July.

David Barclay (Jabba the Hutt and Yoda)

Jabba the Hut from Star Wars who was controlled by David Barclay.

David Barclay is an experienced puppeteer who worked on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. David was chief puppeteer for Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi and puppet maker and puppeteer for Yoda.

Dave has worked on many projects including Dark Crystal, Never Ending Story, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Stuart Little, Cats & Dogs, Little Shop of Horrors and many more.  These all sound like jobs we envy!

  • David is attending on Friday 27th July.

Michael Culver (Captain Needa)

Michael Culver played Captain Needa in Star Wars.

Michael Culver played Captain Needa, commander of the Avenger, one of the imperial star destroyers fighting on the side of the Empire at the Battle of Hoth. It was his ship that pursued the fleeing Millennium Falcon.

Culver has appeared in numerous films and TV series including two uncredited roles in James Bond, The Adventures of Black Beauty, Secret Army and A Passage to India

  • Michael is attending on Saturday 28th July.

Ivy Wong (Pendra Siliu)

Ivy Wong played Pendra Siliu in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and was the youngest cast member at just three years old! She’ll also be the youngest guest at London Film and Comic Con 2018!

  • Ivy is attending on Friday 27th July.

Shuana MacDonald

Shauna Macdonald played one of the two credited temporary command center resistance pilots in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi.

Shauna is probably best known for her role as Sarah in The Descent and The Descent: Part 2. She’s also appeared in Filth and played Sam Buxton in Spooks.

  • Shauna is attending on Saturday 28th July.

Angela Staines

Angela Staines played a Tonnika Sister in the Cantina in Star Wars: A New Hope. Or was it Karoly D’ulin – a member of the Mistryl Shadow Guards in disguise?

  • Angela is attending on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 27-29th July.

Ole Kristian Uglum

Ole Kristian Uglum appeared in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in the Hoth scenes. London Film and Comic Con 2018 will be his first ever convention appearance!

  • Ole is attending on Friday 27th July.

And the list goes on!

There's so many Star Wars cast and crew attending this years London Film and Comiccon that this blog would go on forever if we detailed them all! Here's the other names on the list so far:

  • Matthew Wood - General Grievous (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • Arie Dekker - Chewbacca's stunt double (Sunday)
  • John Modridge - Hoth Pilot, Stormtrooper, Imperial Gunner (Friday)
  • Rune Vindenes - Hoth Rebel Soldier (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Alan Austen - Storm Trooper, Han Solo double (Friday)
  • Sigbjørn Henanger - Hoth Rebel (Sunday)
  • Frank Henson - Stunts, Stormtrooper (Friday)
  • Mike Edmunds - Logray, Jabba's Tail (Friday)
  • Syd Wragg - Imperial Officer (Friday)
  • Simon Williamson - Puppeteer for Max Rebo (Friday)
  • Ken Colley - Admiral Piett (Sunday)
  • Bob Spiker - Tuscan Raider (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Rodney Tosh - Death Trooper (Sunday)
  • Kim Falkinberg - Alien (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • Termilan Blaev - Temiri Blagg (Sunday)
  • Penny McCarthy - Devaronian, (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • Harley Durst - Moloch (Saturday and Sunday)

Are you going?

Like Ole, London Film and Comic Con will also be our first appearance at a big Comic Con event. If you're not too busy queuing up to see all these Star Wars guests, you can come and find us at our Happy Piranha stall in the traders area. We hope to see you there!

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