The Happy Piranha Summer Update [Prizes]

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The Happy Piranha Summer Update [Prizes]

The Happy Piranha Summer Update

We've had a rather busy first summer at Happy Piranha HQ, here's an update on what's gone down so far and what's coming up next.

Happy Piranha's first ever rep search

Hitting 1,000 followers and our First Ever Rep Search.

We were really excited to hit out first 1,000 followers on Instagram this month, just after the start of Happy Piranha's first ever Rep search.

To celebrate we're giving away two scented candles of a lucky winners choice, across all of the ranges on our store. You can enter the competition up to two times by commenting, tagging friends and sharing this post on Instagram, the competition closes at the end of September.

You can find out to enter our Rep search here. There's just a couple of days left! Five winners will be selected to receive a minimum of one candle per month for three consecutive months, in return for regular Instagram and social media photography.

To enter you need to make a collage of your amazing work - including this image, using the #happypiranharep hashtag.

Thank you to everyone who's entered so far!

New Scented Candle Releases.

Happy Piranha produced several new scented candle scents and designs this summer and we've got lots more planned. We just need to grow some more hands first.

The Greatest Show on Earth Circus scented candle by Happy Piranha

The Greatest Show on Earth

Our first new release this summer  was our Greatest Show on Earth scented candle, which was developed for our collaboration with Bookishland for their circus themed box and inspired by books such as Caraval.

We had fun letting everyone vote on twitter for the scent, which turned out to be toffee apple by just a hairs breadth. Team bubblegum and watermelon were close contenders!

Camp Halfblood Percy Jackson inspired scented candle by Happy Piranha

Camp Halfblood

Our next release - Camp Halfblood, was inspired by Percy Jackson and designed for our first collaboration with The Bookish Prophet Box.

This candle design was based on locations from the book, with a Delphi Strawberry Service inspired lid design and sweet strawberry fields scent.

Death's Demise discworld inspired scented candle by Happy Piranha

Death's Demise

Our Death'S Demise scented candle was created after popular request to have a design inspired by the sorely missed Terry Pratchett - one of our most beloved of authors.

The candle features Josh's interpretation of our favourite personification of Death at his home abode.


The Hogwarts Houses scented candles by Happy Piranha inspired by Harry Potter

The Hogwarts Houses.

The Hogwarts House scented candles were made for our second collaboration with The Bookish Prophet box, as part of their sorting hat special edition release.

They'll be available in store in the future - which house are you?

Gryffindor: The common rooms - Warm scents of cocoa, log fires and cinnamon swirl.

 Under the lake - Leather cream and sea breeze scents.

 The tower -  Afresh and airy cucumber and jasmine green tea breeze.

 The herbology house - a herbaceous, fresh lime and basil aroma.

If you missed out on a couple of previous releases we also recently produced a potions class scented candle - inspired by our favourite witch and wizarding school and an Iron Fleet scented candle after the Game of Thrones house that rules the seas. We can't believe there's only one series left!

A Gryffindor bookish prophet box featuring a Happy Piranha Scented Candle

New Bookish Box Collaborations.

Image by @sandstrahl

We've been lucky enough to collaborate with another two bookish box companies this summer and really hope to work with more! If you run one, or know of any who you think may like to feature us, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Bookishland and The Bookish Prophet

Happy Piranha featured 6 candles across 3 different bookish boxes with two new company collaborations this summer - here's to making new friends!

For bookishland box we made our Greatest Show on Earth Scented Candle in a variety of different scents for their amazing circus themed box. You can read about that collaboration here. We love the fact that each Bookishland box is unique.

For the Bookish Prophet box we made five candles. One was our Camp Halfblood candle which featured in their mythology themed box and the other four based on the Hogwarts houses for their special release sorting hat box! The sorting hat box allowed customers to choose which house they were assigned to, with unique items for each!

Find out more here.

Happy Piranha scented candle in the bookishland circus box

Sharing the Love.

Image by @bookishland

We'd like to finish with another big thanks to everyone that has worked with us, given their kind feedback , taken the time to message us or entered our competitions.We really wouldn't be able to do it without you.

We've had some exciting and positive conversations with people which we hope to turn into some exciting ventures in the future and some cool projects ready in the pipeline already. Watch this Space!

We're also keen to get more involved and out there next year and are planning to come and visit some of you hopefully at comicons and YA events!

In the meantime, check out our blog page for some instagrammers and bookish stores we think are awesome. We'll try to do more of these in the future as we think its super important to work together.

Want to Chat?

And finally, if you'd like to work together, or simply just want to drop us a message, just give us a shout! We're always looking for feedback, collaborations and inspirations, whether your a subscription box, author, fandom fanatic or a much valued customer - you'll make us a Happy Piranha!

Happy Piranha