The First Happy Piranha Reps

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The First Happy Piranha Reps

Our First Ever Happy Piranha Reps are here!

Last month Happy Piranha decided to test the water with our first ever rep search to find five awesome individuals to represent us for three months. Here's the winners.

It was pretty hard to pick

It was so hard to pick in fact that we ended up choosing another three out of a hat! 

We really appreciate everyone's entries, they were all fantastic and we encourage you all to apply again next time - we seriously wouldn't be here without you and we can already imagine some of you taking great photos for future seasons.

You all showed off the Happy Piranha spirit and you all make us Happy Piranha's. Your thought and enthusiasm is overwhelming! We'll try and make some posts in the future with other entries we liked as we think you ought to be celebrated.

So, without further ado, here's just eight of the many Happy Piranha's we ended up whittling it down to and some reasons why we liked them.

A photo of Happy Piranha's Kalusian sunset candle by @lunireadson instagram@lunireads

We love @lunireads unique, sparkly effect style and use of matching colours in her bookstagrams to enhance the subject items.

We thought they'd look especially good for a rep search this season in autumn and the run up to Christmas with all the sparkles!

We liked this photo of our February Fairy Loot candle as an example of a nice, bold and central product shot.

We also loved the enthusiasm in her application - that's what it's all about! We took a bit of a risk as Luna mentioned she might die from happiness if we picked her and we wouldn't want that - fortunately she's still here and seemingly a very Happy Piranha!

You can find @lunireads here. We're looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.

Happy Piranha's Harry Potter inspired candles by @turtlereads


It was @turtlereads recent posts that helped us make our minds up.

We thought the autumnal style would be great for the upcoming autumn and winter season.

The brown and orange background items help the colourful subject items pop out and give a cosy feel we think will complement our candles especially.

We also appreciated the thought and effort in @turtlereads application text and how positive she seemed towards the brand in some of her other posts.

Check out @turtlereads here. We like the changing themes - especially this autumnal one!

@fearyourex on Instagram - a Happy Piranha rep!


We love the fact the @fearyourex enjoys our gaming themed loot too.

She posted some cool photos previously with our Yoshi and Zelda inspired scented candles that we really enjoyed - those little woolen Yoshis were adorable.

We like the fact she mixes up her styles a bit and are always partial to a cute pet in the picture too!

We also like the lines in some of her bold, colourful shots like this one, which we think would be good for showing off one or two individual products clearly.

You can find @fearyourex here as well as her cute cat and dog.

@demmi_writist on instagram - a Happy Piranha Rep!


We love how full and bountiful @demmi_writist makes her photos look. They're packed with interesting items and colour.

We like in this photo for example how she has framed the attention on the book but managed to fit so much colour around it.

It grabs your attention and pops off the page but still doesn't distract you from the central object.

We think Demmi's photos will be good for bold eye-catching imagery to make people stop and look.

You can find @demmi_writist here on Instagram. 

@hannahreadstoomuch on Instagram - a Happy Piranha rep!


We also liked the wintery/autumnal feel in bookstagrams by @hannahreadstoomuch.

Her white/grey/black backgrounds allow the coloured items to pop off the screen in a crisp, clear way.

We think that this will work well with our colourful products to make them the focal point of the image, while adding a cosy feel for this season.  

We think @hannareadstoomuch is a good example of someone who's chosen a style and does it well, which made it easy for us to imagine what she could do for our rep photos!

You can find her on Instagram here.

Happy Piranha's polyjuice potion scented candle by @novelheartbeat


We really appreciated @novelheartbeats enthusiasm in her application and the fact she said that we were active in the community, which is something we're trying hard to get involved in because it's awesome!

We also love the fact that she's wanting to promote other companies candles as well as making her own and she's been very kind in promoting us before. This sense of community and enthusiasm is a big part of it all for us. Jessi is definitely a Happy Piranha! 

We like Jessi's colourful photos, especially her creative ones such as this one of our Polyjuice potion scented candle which bring back memories of the books!

We think @novelheartbeat will be great for helping us reach more of the awesome bookstagram community. You can find her Instagram here.

@lauras_book_addiction in Instagram - a Happy Piranha rep!


Our UK reps were extremely hard to pick.

We've collected a few bookstagram friends now who we've known for what seems like a while and @lauras_book_addiction is one of them!

We love Laura's continued support and dedication and think it will make for good rep material! She's also a pretty prolific poster which shows us she's dedicated to her feed!

We also like her clean, clear, bright bookstagrams which we think will focus our products well.

You can find @lauras_book_adiction in Instagram here.

@incaseofbookshniess on Instagram - a Happy Piranha rep!


We're pretty sure that @incaseofbookishness is a Happy Piranha because the first line of her entry post was 'IM A HAPPY PIRANHA'.

She's also been kind enough to support us for some time now on Instagram and Twitter.

We loved Joanne and other's involvement in the scent vote for our Greatest Show on Earth candle.

We think Joanne's fresh, crisp, clear and bountiful images will show off our products in a bright, colourful light.

 All of you reps and everyone that entered -

You make us a HAPPY PIRANHA too!


Thank you and please keep it up!

To everyone that entered again, a HUGE thanks. Please keep up you amazing photography and enthusiasm. Even if you missed out this time do reapply again, there's loads of you we'd love to work with in the future. It was very hard to pick just a few of you, and to stick to a budget when you were all so great!

We're testing the waters this time, so hopefully our reps can prove to us that this is worthwhile and we can pick more amazing reps in the future - here's a few things we liked.

  • Enthusiasm - you've got to be a Happy Piranha to promote them! We think everyone was super brave and enthusiastic to enter, especially those that took the time in their entry text and understanding of what they think we're all about.

  • Knowledge  - We're also always interested in reps who can help us understand and integrate with fandoms and communities better and keep us informed of the new and exciting things coming out so we can both enjoy them ourselves and use them to inspire designs for you all!

  • Individual styles - we loved accounts that have their own unique feel, we also liked those that mixed their styles up from time to time and the ones that gave off seasonal vibes.

  • Bold & colourful - We enjoyed accounts with bold, colourful posts that popped off the screen, or ones that contrasted colours well to make the subject item jump out.

    We like the bountiful ones that were busy enough to be interesting but still have a focus and the simple, clear ones that do the job well.

  • Atmosphere & style - we love images that make you want to go out and get the things in them, the ones that are cosy, or bright and exciting and the ones that bring a sense of nostalgia or excitement about the topic or fandom. 


Keep it up Happy Piranhas!