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Unlike some larger cities, where things to do are thrown at you around every corner, on first impressions, Truro might not seem like it has much going on. However in Cornwall (and life in general), the good bits aren’t always in-your-face. Luckily, we’re local, so have already done some searching for you. 

Here’s by no means a comprehensive list of places to go - just some of our regular haunts, plus a few ideas, so that you can have a trouble free trip to Truro.

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Many an outcome has been decided by a roll of the dice. As time’s gone by they seem to have shifted from conveyors of fate to fine-tuned fairness - ‘Maths Rocks’ as the D&D crowd fondly refer to them. But where did dice come from and why do we seem to be so enamoured with them? We took a look at how dice have changed.

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From a performer at a carnival or circus, to the IT obsessed, unfashionable and socially inept,  to someone who’s just really enthusiastic about something, the word ‘geek’ has evolved over the ages from a pejorative to a badge of pride. We take a little look at the definition of a geek and ask ourselves, what does it really mean to be geeky?

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Runes were used in Germanic language before the introduction of the Latin alphabet, including by the Vikings. Believed to hold power, symbolize inherent qualities and associated with magic, they also have meanings in more modern divination and oracle reading. Here we take a look at their origin, etymology and meanings.

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News (if you can actually call it that) of NASA discovering a thirteenth zodiac star sign has been spreading like wildfire on social media, as has the panic that people’s zodiac signs may have shifted. Don’t panic, here’s what’s really happened. In short, it’s the same as it’s always been.

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