Our First ComicCon: ComicCon Exmouth | Happy Piranha

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Our First ComicCon: ComicCon Exmouth | Happy Piranha

Happy Piranha ventured on the road to our first comiccon this week, ComicCon Exmouth! We had an awesome time; made friends with aliens, saw cool cosplay and satisfied our inner geek browsing collectibles.  

Happy Piranha at Comiccon Exmouth 2017

Setting Up

Before we could begin diving into the geekiness, we had to begin setting up our stall. As this was our first event, we decided to take a bit of everything - the more candles the merrier!

We were based outside in the marquee with the lighstaber academy and some other cool stands from collectibles, to special effects make up, graphic novelists and more.

Let us know what you thought of our stall as we're keen to make is a appealing as possible for future events.

A Visit from Chewbacca 

Chewbacca saying hi to Happy Piranha at Exmouth Comiccon

We got off to a great start as people began to visit, including Chewbacca himself. We always knew that Chewie was a big scented candle fan.

We couldn't quite understand what he was saying, but it was probably something along the lines of ''travelling through space to find the best scented candles known to mankind''. 

What do you reckon Chewie's favourite scent would be? We hope he had a great time at Exmouth Comiccon too.

Cosplay and Collectibles

 Josh from Happy Piranha wearing a Groot mask

There were too many fun geeky things to list, however we did find this funny groot mask that Josh is showing off here rather fashionably. Groot is one of our favourite comic book and film characters so we had to try it on. We're not sure it's too endearing though!

We managed to catch a Bulbasaar too - he's one of our favourite pokemon, so he was welcomed to the Happy Piranha team with open arms.

Bulbasaur on some Happy Piranha Pokemon inspired scented candles

There were three cosplay competitions at Comiccon Exmouth; kids, adult general and adult anime. Unfortunately we were a bit busy to catch the kids one, though the guys from South Devon Geek Squad told us there was a great Tauntaun rider from Star Wars kids cosplay! 

You can check out some of the awesome cosplay pics from people on the events page.

The Verdict

For our first ever comiccon it was really fun! It turned a bit rainy towards the end, but that clearly doesn't stop geeks from having a good time.

We loved the opportunity to attend an event and get some good practice for attending more comiccons and geeky gatherings next year. 

It was also great to see all the effort people had put into their cosplay and performances, it helps remind us why we do what we do - keep it up everyone, it makes us Happy Piranhas!

We're already excited about doing more of this in the future.

Verdict?...... Happy Piranha Intergalactic Federation Approved!

Star Wars cosplay at Comiccon Exmouth - Happy Piranha Approved!

 To all our new friends and customers - you can keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - we love to hear from you.