Meet Our Winter Happy Piranha Instagram Reps

Meet Our Winter Happy Piranha Instagram Reps

It's that time of year again, the time where we have the arduous task of picking our winter Happy Piranha Instagram Reps. With much deliberation, we've whittled it down to another eight inspiring instagrammers. Say hello to our Christmas Piranhas!


@adoreabook on Instagram with Happy Piranha's skyloft, Zelda inspired  scented candle.

It's about time @adoreabook was welcomed to the Happy Piranha team. She's been taking some awesome photos of our loot for some time now and they always catch our eye. We love her colourful, warm style with her signature flowers in the background.

Marwa hails from all the way across the sea in Bahrain, a far cry from the blustery Cornish coast where Happy Piranha HQ is!

We love this recent pic of our 'The Skyloft' scented candle that she took. Its one of our gaming candles, inspired by Zelda.


@sammys_shelf on Instagram with a picture of The Last Namsara.

@sammys_shelf is one of those instagrammers who we're surprised doesn't have even more followers, because her pics are pretty great. We think she's got that crisp and colourful style down to a tee.

We love how she picks a couple of bold colours to pop off the screen that sets them apart from, or frames the object of focus.

Here's a shot she took of the book The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli. We have a candle - 'Iskari, Blood and Moonlight' inspired by one of the main characters from this book.


Instagram by @aweasleyinmiddleearth of Happy Piranha's Polyjuice Potion scented candle.

@aweasleyinmiddleearth is an instagrammer who we've gotten to know a bit more recently, but we're very glad we did! She first caught our eye when she posted some pictures of our Polyjuice Potion scented candle, inspired by the Harry Potter books.

Here's an awesome pic she took recently of it in the snow, which has definitely got us in the mood for Christmas! We like her slightly darker, cosy style which sets her apart and which we think will be perfect for this time of year.

She also says that her cosplay might make a bit more of an appearance in her feed which we'll be excited to see.


An Instagram by @xiomys_book_tales themed around the Narnia books.

@xiomys_book_tales was an entry that caught our eye last rep search, so we're glad that she applied again this time around.

We love the splashes of complimentary colours she adds to her photos that make them stand out off the screen as can be seen here in her Narnia themed Instagram.

It's not a book we've designed a candle inspired by yet, but it's definitely a story we enjoy! What bookish inspired candles would you like to see in the future? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


An Instagram by @zwischenseitliches of Happy Piranha's sorting candle, inspired by the Harry Potter books.

We're a big fan of @zwischenseitliches enthusiasm as well as her photos! We liked the fact that she was so supportive of her followers in her rep search entry - it's that community spirit on Instagram that we really enjoy.

We also really enjoy this picture she took of our Sorting Candle recently and as you can see it decided that she's a Gryffindor! 

@zwischenseitliches was quite happy about this as she usually gets sorted into Ravenclaw. It seems the sorting candle knows the real truth though, as we all know she has more of a roar than a squawk! 


An Instagram by @redpandabooks with a John Snow from a Game of Thrones pop figure.

@redpandabooks was another instagrammer that caught our eye last time around and who's style we thought would be great for this season.

It just goes to show how much we want to reinforce the point - if you didn't make it this time -please apply again next time, we'd still love to work with you. We really appreciate those Happy Piranha's who keep giving it a go!

We love @redpandabooks colour style, which uses lots of blacks and whites and makes any colourful items in the photo really stand out off the screen.

Did you know that we have two Game of Thrones inspired candles - Westerosi Wildfire and The Iron Fleet? We think this Jon Snow funko would definitely appreciate them.


An Instagram of the book Vinyl by @starlitlibrary, one of Happy Piranha's winter reps.

We love @starlitlibrary's cosy style which we think will be great for this season. We also love her enthusiasm too. That means a lot to us at Happy Piranha - enthusiastic Piranhas make for awesome rep material!

When starlit said her dragon babies would be making an appearance in her new theme we weren't sure if they were real babies dressed as dragons or real dragons - either would be awesome! Is that one we spy sneaking into the left of this photo? If you like dragons, check out our Kozu the Dragon art print, inspired by the dragon from The Last Namsara.


An Instagram by @donna_pbookforlife, one of Happy Piranha's new reps.

Our eighth and final rep for this season is @donna_bookpforlife. She's another Happy Piranha who's perfected the clean, crisp and colourful style which we think will be great for showcasing our loot!

The rainbow of colours in this War Cross bookstagram she took really catch our eye! Welcome to the team Donna and our other Piranhas!

Farewell for now fellow fishies

Now, as excited as we are to embrace our new reps we couldn't end this post without saying farewell for now to our fellow fishies - our first reps, the Gen 1 Piranhas!

They made our first rep period an awesome experience and we've really enjoyed - and hope to continue enjoying - their awesome conversations and feeds.

You should definitely give them all a follow, so here they are:

Once a Piranha, always a Piranha! #PiranhaForLife.


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